India has a thirst for the latest in woman’s fashion wear, which is now being slowly satiated with the arrival of international brands. The need for an Indian Brand which is able to deliver Haute Couture at affordable prices so that the clientele may vary from college girls to working woman is plain to see.

This is where Aaliya comes in.Our ability to make high fashion has been fine tuned with 16 yrs of designing and making woman’s wear for top brands. We understand what the modern woman wants to wear and feel.

It is with this confidence that we step into the market with our brand Aaliya. Inspired by the latest addition to our family, Aaliya gives you the most comfortable fabrics, in the latest colours from Milan with the styles from Paris, all this while being Indian at heart.

Our designers follow a new story board for each season, developing new trends themselves and gaining inspiration from trends that come up around the world during their travels and experiences. We will also educate our clientele regarding what’s in and what’s passé, helping the Aaliya Woman make an informed and stylish decision.

Our aim is to arm our clientele with the ability to standout in a room full of beautiful woman with grace, poise and garments that other woman would die for.